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10 Awesome Simpsons Pins

written by David Hayes April 14, 2017
The Misfits fiend logo with Bart's hair

The Simpsons have had a historic run on television. They’re on their 28th season now and while most fans aren’t as high on their newer episodes, it still says a lot that they’ve managed to last this long.

With a show as long-running as The Simpsons, there is a ton of fan art and unofficial merchandise on the internet. As of late, I’ve grown a bit of an addiction to my favorite brand of fan-made merchandise, enamel pins. In my never-ending searches through the pin void I’ve come across so many cool Simpsons pins I figured I’d feature some of my favorites here. These pins are tributes to some of our favorite moments from the show and cool artistic expressions from The Simpsons diehard fan base.

SuperNintendo Chalmers by Outlandy Inc.

Superintenden Chalmers with a Super Nintendo head.

A literal imagining of the loveable but simple Ralph Wiggum’s most quotable line from season ten, episode seven. There’s not much more to say about this one other than that just looking at it makes me laugh a little.


Like, You Know, Whatever by Flower Chainz

Lisa wearing her cool clothes

I pretty sure everyone feels like changing everything about themselves and moving to a new place ay least once while they’re growing up. Some of us even feel like doing it into adulthood once or twice. Well, that’s what Lisa tried to do in one of the best episodes in seasons seven. In the episode Summer 4’2 the Simpson family and Milhouse spend a summer trip in a beach town. There Lisa gets a sweet 90’s makeover and tries to act cool to make new friends. I always liked her look in this episode and I love having this pin to remind me of it.

Mega Moleman by Grackle Distro

Moleman dressed like Megaman

You see a lot of combining of characters in these fan-made pins. There are a ton of pins out there of Simpsons characters dressed as other pop culture figures but none more amusing to me personally than Mega Moleman. I don’t know about any of you but I would play the hell out of that game.

Stone Cutters by Inkedwell

Stone Cutters logo

Who can forget the Stone Cutters? The mysterious organization Homer desperately attempted to join in the season six episode Homer The Great. With this pin, you can let all those around you that you are a part of the most elite group of men in Springfield. The utmost levels of respect are sure to follow.

Simpsfits by Wasteoid Wares

The Misfits fiend logo with Bart's hair

This amalgam of The Misfits fiend skull and Bart is just too cool to put into words. As a fan of both the band and the show I defiantly plan on making this pin apart of my collection. It comes in white or black depending on if you want it more Misfits or more Bart.

Milhouse Sucks by BRK House

Milhouse reading a book titled Everything Sucks

With Bart getting a cool crossover pin with an old-school punk band it’s only fitting that his best friend Milhouse get one as well. Here is Milhouse in place of Milo, imitating the cover of So-Cal legends Descendents 1996 album Everything Sucks. Not only is this pin an awesome tribute to a underappreciated character and an underappreciated band but it glows in the dark too!

Bartman by Abby Normal Studio

The old 1960s Batman logo with Bartman

The 1960’s Batman TV show logo with a Bartman twist! I really like the colors on this pin. Gold goes much better with purple than silver does. When I was a kid I loved reading Bartman comics. This pin is a great reminder of all those funny stories and how they used The Simpsons characters so creatively.

Poochie by Idol Leisure

Poochie with a pink surfbored

Poochie is the animated embodiment on the 1990’s. A cartoon character within a cartoon, Poochie is a failed attempt at updating The Itchy & Scratchy Show voiced by Homer. The character and the episode he appeared in, The Itchy & Scratchy Show & Poochie Show were made in direct response to notes The Simpsons writers had gotten from the network. It very sarcastically poked fun at the network’s bad ideas for improving the show. If his 90’s style didn’t make Poochie cool the rebellious nature of his creation surely does.

Bart x The Warriors by Thumbs Design

Bart dressed like characters from The Worriors

The Warriors is a cult classic film about a gang trying to get home to Coney Island while all of New York tries to kill them. I can’t think of a character who would fit in the chaotic world of The Warriors more than Bart Simpson.  I could see him fitting in well with the titular Warriors or the Baseball Furies so these pins work. You can pick them up as a set or separately.

FBI Mulder by Punky Pins

Mulder's badge from The Simpsons

If there’s one Fox show that rivals the success of The Simpsons, it’s The X-Files, so when the stars of one crossed over to the other it left an impact. Seeing Mulder and Scully (actually voiced by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) on The Simpsons is one of the show’s most memorable moments for many fans. One of the funniest moments of the episode titled The Springfield Files is a quick moment where Mulder flashes his badge and we can briefly see a picture of himself posing mostly naked under his badge. This pin is a great reminder of that funny and historic moment in TV history.


Which one of these pins is your favorite? What other shows, movies, or comics would you like to see featured in enamel pin form? Let us know in the comments!

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