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100 Year Old Tolkien Book News

written by Sara Planz August 12, 2015

In a wild publishing year featuring newly discovered works from Harper Lee, Dr. Seuss, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Middle Earth geeks got a big reason to smile this week when it was announced that a 100-year-old J.R.R. Tolkien story would be published in October.  “The Story of Kullervo” is one of his earliest works, and was started in 1914 when he was still in college.  This book, published only once before in a Tolkien journal, will be his original, unfinished draft and will include his notes, essays and other scholarly insight.



It tells the tale of an orphan, Kullervo, who seeks revenge against a dark magician who killed his father, kidnapped his mother, and who tried to kill him three times.  It is based on a Finnish epic poem “The Kalevala.”  Tolkien had said that this story was ‘the germ of my attempt to write legends of my own’, and was ‘a major matter in the legends of the First Age’.  The book will be available in the U.S. on October 27, 2015.



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