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Start 2017 With These Free Games For PlayStation Plus

written by Jason Marcano December 29, 2016
January PlayStation Plus Games

January’s slate of free games coming for PlayStation Plus subscribers contains some real gems. A total of six games are coming, and four of them can be played on the PS4 thanks to cross-buy. Here is the list of January’s free PlayStation Plus games—remember, you must maintain a subscription to play them.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4)

Also known as Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle, this remaster of the 1993 graphic adventure classic is probably the best game on this list.

This time traveling adventure takes you on a trippy, often quirky ride. You’ll point and click your way through unique levels in various eras as you solve puzzles to stop a purple tentacle from taking over the world. Day of the Tentacle also contains one hell of an Easter egg  – You can play the entirety of 1987’s cult classic, Maniac Mansion from within this game. That’s like getting two amazing games in one!

Titan Souls, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

Here’s another game many may have passed on when it came out in 2015. Titan Souls cast you as an archer with only one arrow left. The mysterious man traverses a dangerous land as menacing bosses attempt to eliminate him.

Similar to another game with the word Souls in the title, Titan Souls offers a challenging, yet rewarding experience. If you’re thinking playing as an archer with only one arrow couldn’t possible be any fun, Titan Souls will prove you wrong. Play it on the go or on the couch thanks to cross-buy.

All the Rest

There are four more games coming next month to those of us subscribed to PS Plus to round out the already exceptional list.

  • This War of Mine: The Little Ones (PS4)

  • Blazerush (PS3)

  • The Swindle (PS3, Cross Buy on PS4 and PS Vita)

  • Azkend 2 (PS Vita)

What do you geeks think of this list? Any games on here you missed out on originally that you’re glad to see make the list? Let us know what you think of January’s line-up of PlayStation Plus games in the comments below!

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