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There is a 24K Gold NES for $5,000, because why not?

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 5, 2016


I mean, we’ve all been there – you reach into your back pocket and magically find a random five thousand dollars that you don’t know what to do with and are itching just to get rid of. It happens (uh …).  Don’t you worry, my fretful friend, because hardware manufacturer Analogue has got just the solution with their announcement of their new NES model!

In honor of Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary, Analogue created the 24K gold NES system in order to celebrate in style. This particular commemoration is a stylized system based off of the first two Zelda titles that released on the NES, which featured cartridges that were both gold-coloured. But Analogue isn’t unreasonable. They realise that $5,000 might be a little steep for a system, celebratory or not, so they are including an original copy of the gold-coloured Zelda title. Makes it much better, am I right?


Since a solid brick of gold wouldn’t be ideal for playing this beloved franchise, it is important to note that the system is aluminum with a gold-plated coating. Features of this collector’s item include:

  • The  Premium Limited Edition box
  • The original gold-coloured Legend of Zelda cartridge
  • Full cable set (or HDMI)
  • RGB/HDMI upgrade
  • and of course, the 24 Caret gold-plated Nintendo system itself

This commemorative item is up for pre-sale and is extremely limited in quantity, only 10 made world-wide so if you’ve got the rupees, act now!



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