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3 Horror Movies Coming Out Sure to Satisfy Your Inner Movie Buff [VIDEO]

written by Ali L May 13, 2016

Happy 13th friends! Growing up, Friday the 13th was kind of a big deal in our household. My dad would let us stay up late and watch the same hours long marathon on cable every year. And every year my brothers would fall asleep and be sent to bed into the second or third movie, but there I’d be, into the late and early hours of the evening, eating popcorn, entranced by the epic of Jason Voorhees.

Not much has changed to be honest except, I like to hope, my tastes have grown. I still, as is tradition, watch the series every chance I get and this year is no exception. And, in the spirit of this sporadic film geek holiday, I’ve compiled a short list of horror movie trailers I am personally looking forward to seeing released this year. Enjoy!

Lights Out

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From Warner Bros Pictures and producer James Wan, Lights Out seems to promise us at the very least some of those spine tingling jump scares that we enjoyed from horror films like The Grudge circa 2004. In fact, the premise seems to fall along the trope of similar movies like The Ring and The Grudge but I’m more than willing to over look that if the movie is good. Here’s hoping!

The Woods

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The actual premise of The Woods is more than a little brushed over in the trailer but it’s kind of hard not to notice as a die-hard fan of horror, that the first shots of the trailer are very very reminiscent of the opening shots of The Shining. That, coupled with the cryptic redone 80’s music and strategically placed quotes about the movie in between short bits from the movie itself, it’s hard not to feel the tension.

The Darkness

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Premiering, you guessed it, on Friday the 13th. I don’t have any delusions that The Darkness will revolutionize the horror movie genre itself but I do think judging by the trailer we’re in for a good time; I mean, who knew muddy hand prints could be both annoying to clean up AND creepy as hell? Not sure how you feel about Kevin Bacon but he has definitely deserves a place on this list considering he was being murdered by Jason Voorhees back in the 80’s and is still rocking out those horror flicks like it’s nobody’s business.

But, if you’d rather just re-watch the original series, you can purchase the first four movies (complete with 3D glasses) for less than 10 bucks online.


Are you a fan of horror and if so what’s your favorite? Let us know!

Or maybe you’re like me and sometimes you can be a bit picky when it comes to just what kind of horror it is you want to see. If that’s the case, check out this silly little list of 5 Horror Movies to Avoid. 

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