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3 Retro Games You Missed in Stranger Things 2!

written by Katelyn Fiorentino November 9, 2017
Stranger Things Season 2 Arcade Will Mike Dustin Lucas

Netflix recently released the second season of their hyped show, Stranger Things 2. Since its release, I’m sure it’s been binged countless times already. The first season revealed the importance of the game Dungeons and Dragons, and how it aided the kids’ adventures. It’s not surprising that season 2 is full of retro game references. Dragon’s Lair and Dig Dug are fairly obvious in the Hawkins arcade. Here are some hidden games you probably missed!

1. Galaga

Stranger Things 2 Arcade Will Byers in arcade with Galaga Retro Game

In the scene where the boys are playing Dig Dug, you can see Galaga in the background. This 80’s classic is a space-themed shooting game, made by NamcoI can imagine this machine would eat all of Dustin’s quarters.

2. Asteroids

Stranger Things 2 Arcade Asteroids MaxThe classic game Asteroids was seen briefly in the background during this arcade scene. Made by Atari, a spaceship avoids the collision of asteroids. It seems quite a few of the games in the arcade are space-themed, but who doesn’t love space?

3. Pac-Man

Stranger Things 2 Arcade Pac Man Will ByersOn the far right, you can see a bit of the game’s title. I would have been surprised if the beloved Pac-Man wasn’t included in the arcade in Stranger Things 2. This retro game was made in the 80’sstarting its long legacy. For many years to come, Pac-Man eats dots and avoids ghosts in millions of arcades, even in Hawkins.

The Importance of Arcade Games in Stranger Things 2

The two games that shined brightest this season were Dig Dug and Dragon’s Lair. Also, the games helped introduce a new character, Max (MADMAX.) When Dustin’s high score in Dig Dug was beaten, this mystery person had to be found. As the Upside Down and Demogorgon shenanigans continued, Dig Dug seemed to play a big role in the show. After all, season two deals with underground tunnels, just like Dig Dug. Very clever, Duffer Brothers. As these 80’s kids deal with their harsh reality, it’s no wonder games such as Dragons Lair and Dungeons and Dragons are referenced.

So, what was your favorite game featured in Strangers Things 2? Also, what other video games did you notice? Let us know in the comments!


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