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4 Awesome Youtube Channels for Geeks

written by Ali L April 26, 2016

YouTube is all around us, it’s Cthulhu-like tentacles slinking their way into our tech to steal our precious free moments, one adorable klutzy cat video at a time.

There are no doubts about it, YouTube is an incredibly popular platform for aspiring filmmakers and artists to post their content online so that it can be enjoyed by the public.

Have you ever thought about setting up a YouTube channel of your own? In order to succeed in the digital world, you need to get a consistently high number of views.

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That being said, before you waste your time watching another boring ice bucket or challenge video, check out this short list of YouTube channels I find to be among the best for itching that geek scratch.

Crash Course

Crash Course Youtube Channel World History poster

Crash Course is an educational YouTube show filmed from Missoula, Montana that features a wide range of subjects such as History, Biology and Literature, even the history of The Dawn of Video Games.

Although since the shows debut in 2012 it seems like the Crash Course team has covered just about everything, I’m still a loyal subscriber. I personally find their approach to learning sometimes dull things in a new and thoughtful way to be very enjoyable.


Superman and Goku battle it out in the popular ScrewAttack YouTube debate

ScrewAttack is most notably known for their show DeathBattle, one of the most popular being a certain Superman vs Goku debate that has seemed to rage across the internet the last year or more.

Their content is great, worth hitting that little red subscribe button.

Screen Junkies

The Movie Fight's logo by YouTube channel Screen Junikies, a very blurry image of an arena

This channel is host to Movie Fights, Honest Trailers and the Screen Junkies show. I have to say though, the Movie Fights are my favorite, with celebrity guests like Elijah Wood and comedian Doug Benson, and some of the best movie ideas and theories I’ve ever heard.

If you aren’t following this channel you’re missing out!

Team Four Star- DBZ Abridged

DBZ Abridged Season One cover from YouTube channel Team Four Star

Somewhere in the geek-verse, someone wished on a star or slaughtered a chicken and Team Four Star fell from the sky in a superb glimmer of genius.

As a die hard DBZ fan since the early days of after school Toonami, I truly enjoy the voice acting and the outright hilarity of this total parody show.

There you have it friends, do you have any guilty geek pleasures lurking on your Youtube watch later list? Let us know!

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