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4 Things Clients Don’t Expect During a Video Conference

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg December 5, 2016
Businesspeople Sitting In A Conference Room Looking At Computer Screen

Businesspeople Sitting In A Conference Room Looking At Computer Screen

When it comes to trying to meet with your customers and clients on a frequent basis, there are always hurdles involved. However, when you think about how technology has enabled many of those hurdles to start to be diminished and go away slightly over time, the fact of the matter is having video conferencing capabilities can make your life easier and your business relationships more effective at the same time. Keep the following items in mind and you will be much more likely to get ahead when it comes to managing your clients.

Constant Communication Being Key

The problem with communication is that you need to balance it as efficiently as you possible can. On the one hand you need to be able to work with your clients to provide them with the communication that they desire. Hand holding is and can be very important in certain relationships and industries. However, you also have to be aware of taking up too much time from your client or spending too much time on a single client and neglecting the rest of your relationships. That is why video conferencing allows you to be in contact at any point and doing so often. According to the World Equity Group, having communication in place is one of the top things you can do to position yourself as a successful partner with your clients.

Personalized Communications

While clients may think that they are able to communicate with you as efficiently as they could on the telephone, the truth is that many don’t quite understand just how sophisticated something such as a business video conferencing solution can truly be. There are more than enough options for anyone to be able to get up close and personal to their actual clients, but when you can actually see the look on the face of the other individual in a meeting thanks to the high definition capabilities, then there is actually a tremendous amount of opportunity to replicate the results that could have been achieved if the meeting were done in person. And, as your clients and potential clients start to realize that they aren’t really missing anything by having a video conferencing meeting in place of a live one, then there is a tremendous amount of opportunities to continue leveraging the technology as you appear to be an expert in the field as well.


Fully Functioning Options

The world of webcams from a decade ago may be what is stuck in the head of clients and potential clients everywhere, but the fact of the matter is that is definitely a blast from the past. That being said, many clients and customers still think of having virtual meetings as something that is both choppy and grainy. It is not only time to show them how much better virtual meetings can be, but it is also an opportunity to show them that they can do more with less as a result of embracing the actual technology. Just because individuals may not fully understand or even realize the power of video conferencing, it doesn’t mean that they should just allow it to fall to the wayside and ignore. The time to try to get your clients synched up with a faster way of doing business is now at your doorstep.

Time Can Be Saved

Even though not every client will think of a meeting as a short process, the fact of the matter is there is more than enough of an opportunity to get in and get out of a meeting when you aren’t spending a great deal of time trying to get to it in the first place. As Forbes points out, traffic isn’t just bad but rather commutes can be terrible in major cities and in certain parts of the country. So if you invite someone out to a given meeting then you should at least stick with them at that meeting for a while.

That last thing anyone wants to do is to spend more time commuting to a meeting than they spend at the meeting itself. However, with the power of video conferencing you can literally just call and connect with the other party a few minutes before the meeting starts and you can have the option to be able to hang up the call when the meeting is over. You will spend less time connecting then you would have spent trying to find a parking spot, and the total time spent on the meeting is down to a minimum amount of time.

Nobody wants to waste the time of their clients. That is exactly why it only makes sense to continue to find new ways to do the most with the least and to be able to leverage all of the technologies at your disposal to look like a professional in the eyes of your clients.