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5 April Fools Pranks That Make You Question What You Read Online

written by Quinzel Lee April 1, 2018
bing as google's logo for internet april fools prank

Sugar in a salt shaker or a whoopie cushion can be a fun and classic prank, but internet April Fools pranks really take the cake. Some are funny, some are well-planned, and at least one of these pranks gave their users quite a scare. Read on to hear about some of the most epic internet April Fools pranks.

1. Hamburger Helper Mixtape

Some pranks aren’t harmful, but are just odd enough to give you trust issues. Even odder is that this entire mixtape still exists on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. I’d saw it was pretty genius actually. If you think about it, a lot of effort went into this prank. I mean, they had to put hours in the studio, laying down tracks, editing, and uploading to Soundcloud. But hey, it takes a lot of work to “Watch the Stove”.

2. Pornhub Facebook Share

Pornhub viewers from all over probably suffered a mild heart attack from this internet April Fool’s prank. Clicking on your preferred video led to a pop up that read, “Thanks for sharing. Pornhub now has automatic video sharing to your social media accounts.” Upon clicking either “thanks pornhub” or “wtf reverse this now” a second popup would reveal it as an April Fools joke. Glad they didn’t drag that one out. While Pornhub is busy pulling pranks on its users, Ashley on Babestation is pulling out all the stops to entertain her viewers with no April Fools nonsense getting in the way.

3. ThinkGeek’s Plush Bacon… and Most New Items on April 1st

ThinkGeek gets in on the fun just like everyone else on the World Wide Web. But if you were thinking that you could actually get your hands on My First Bacon, disappointment shall follow. I’m a little surprised I can’t buy that when I can buy a plush bouquet of unicorns from them.

4. Google Minion Prank

minion gif in googles internet april fools prank

Unfortunately, this prank left a lot of people pissed off. Gmail users were involuntarily included in Google’s 2016 internet April Fool’s Prank when they added a “mic drop” button to every email that sent a GIF of a Minion. Think that wasn’t so bad? Another part of the prank is that it muted any replies to the email, so if someone replied, “wtf is this, mate?” you wouldn’t even see it. While an email like this between friends would be humorous, folks who use their Gmail for business matters were vocally upset. Some people even lost their jobs over this and Google had to disable the feature later that day. Insert *yikes* GIF.

5. California Passes Law Banning M-Rated Games

I have to admit, this one even got me going. Thankfully just a prank, we here at DHTG published a news article stating that beginning February 30th, 2019, M-rated games would be banned in California. I had a double-take as I am still a little worried that this might be real. How many days are there in February anyway?

More April Fools!

What are some internet April Fool’s pranks that you’ve really liked? Tell us a time that a site really got you on April 1st in the comments section below.

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