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5 Geeky Kitchen Accessories You Need in Your Life: Get Cookin’!

written by Katelyn Fiorentino April 14, 2018
The Hobbit Movie Characters Sitting Around Table Eating

As we spring into spring, cleaning is on our to-do lists. With cleaning comes getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. Luckily, I found 5 geeky kitchen accessories to spice up your food-making space!

1. May The Force Be With You…and Your Spatula.

Star Wars Lightsaber Spatula, geeky kitchen accessories

I never knew I needed a lightsaber spatula until I saw this beauty.  Imagine cooking up some burgers and flipping them while making the “whoosh whoosh” sound effects. So, now you can do that and not look a weirdo with a regular spatula. Check it out on Amazon, here!

2. “Hulk Smash Cookie Dough!”

Hulk Character Cookie Cutters, geeky kitchen accessories

The “strongest Avenger” can now be eaten in cookie form. These Hulk cookie cutters should be used every holiday season, and throughout the year. Brilliant idea: use green food coloring along with these cookie cutters. Etsy has got you covered.

3. Be Logical, Use an Oven Mitt.

Star Trek Oven Mitt Spock Live Long and Prosper, geeky kitchen accessories

To live long and prosper, you must use this oven mitt. That’s the only logical answer. I bet Spock rocks these bad boys since he’s all about safety. Also, you can use this to take your Hulk cookies out of the oven! Take a look here.

4. Don’t Be too Slow, Chop Away!

Sonic the Hedgehog Cutting Board, geeky kitchen accessoriesSonic would want you to go fast and chop your veggies up on this snazzy board. Don’t chop too quickly, because we can’t all be as skilled as this beloved hedgehog. Haven’t you heard? Sonic has been training under Gordan Ramsey. Get this bamboo cutting board on Etsy.

5. Let’s EXTERMINATE Flavorless Food

Doctor Who TARDIS Dalek salt and pepper shakers, geeky kitchen accessories

You can’t go wrong with a bit of salt and pepper – especially if it’s coming from Doctor Who-themed salt and pepper shakers. The Doctor would want you to flavor your food in style. Even Daleks can’t pass up these table must-haves. Shake on over to Amazon.

Cooking can be an exciting, hands-on experience. These 5 geeky kitchen accessories can heat up your humble abode in no time. Do any of these cooking goodies peak your interest? What are some of your favorite things to cook? Let us know in the comments!

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