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5 Last Minute Doctor Who Christmas Gift Ideas!

written by Katelyn Fiorentino December 18, 2017
Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Twelfth Doctor Christmas

This Christmas is bittersweet for us Whovians. As we say goodbye to Peter Capaldi in the upcoming Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Timewe say hello to a new face. The 13th Doctor will take us, and the TARDIS, on new adventures through time and space. What better way to celebrate these new adventures, and the Holidays, with some Doctor Who themed gifts! Here are 5 gifts for the Whovians in your life.

1. Vortex Manipulator

Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Gift Amazon

I don’t know about you, but 9’s Sonic Screwdriver and the Vortex Manipulator seem like pretty rad Christmas gifts. You can get it here for $21.48. Amazon has the geeky goods.

2. Night Light/Lamp

Doctor Who Night Light Lamp Christmas Gift Etsy

This snazzy Doctor Who themed night light will spice up any room. Plus, it’s handmade. You can find it here on Etsy, for $45.00.

3. Timey-Wimey Cookbook

Doctor Who The Official Cookbook Christmas Gift Amazon

This gift is perfect for all your kitchen crafty friends and family. They can spend their Holiday break, baking goodies even the Doctor would love. You can find the cookbook here for $12.83, and at Barnes and Noble.

4. Doctor Who Monopoly

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Monopoly Game Christmas Gift Amazon

What better way to spend Christmas day, than playing a serious game of Doctor Who Monopoly. Luckily Amazon has the 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition! You can find it here, for $34.70.

5. INTOXICATE Wine Glass

Doctor Who Wine Glass Dalek Christmas Gift Etsy

For all the wine lovers out there, or for anyone who likes to drink from great glasses. Get wibbly-wobbly with this Dalek wine glass. Etsy has got you covered, for $10.00.

So, I hope this list gives you some last minute gift ideas for the Doctor Who fans in your life. Or, you can get yourself a little something for your troubles. Either way, these gifts seem Time Lord approved. Let us know if you plan on getting any of these gifts, or what else you’ve found!

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