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5 Shows to Put in Your Brain This Fall

written by Ali L September 6, 2015


Once again we find ourselves at the waning of yet another summer season and just a few, short weeks from pulling out our jackets and sweaters to battle the impending chill. Then we long again for the days of BBQ’s and sun burns and girls in bikinis that probably shouldn’t be wearing bikinis. Until that glorious date with destiny, however, we can only complain about the heat and impatiently await the day our Hulu queues are fat again like tacky trick or treat pumpkin buckets, ripe with delicious new seasons of all of our favorite fall treats.

And so, in the interest of keeping myself and my fellow television geeks sane for the next few weeks, I’ve compiled a short list shows that will air on Hulu that I personally will be eager to sacrifice my life to in the coming days of snowed in boredom and isolation.

The 100 Season 3

If you aren’t watching this show, you have seriously been missing out. The story is complex and heartbreaking and verges on bleak, but somehow, is out-shined by the very visceral hopes of the characters that are all for the most part, interesting and superbly real. Based off a trilogy by writer Kass Morgan, The 100’s tale has been expertly told through the medium of television thus far in my opinion, and I’m excited to get myself far too emotionally invested into season 3. The third season promo picture recently released depicts the main character, Clarke, in Grounder face make up, leaving all who have followed thus far collectively pooing our britches in anticipation. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for Clarke and her friends, but if the first two seasons are any indication, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


Put a knife in the last dude that called her “Princess”.

SNL Season 41

I don’t know about you but I felt like there were a couple of seasons (or more) that were very dry and just not very funny at all for Saturday Night Live; but, to my pleasant surprise, the 40th season was absolutely hilarious. I love that with new writers come new, fresh perspectives and I was really impressed with how often the last season left me actually “laughing out loud”. It left me reminiscing of a long-lost bygone era when Saturday Night Live was best watched after dinner so as to avoid snorting out drinks and crying into one’s food from hilarity. Needless to say, I am stoked for the October 3rd premier of season 41, so much so, I’m going to overlook that Miley Cyrus will be hosting, although, I must admit she has been quite funny in the past when she’s hosted.

20131006__Cyrus_as_BachmannMiley as Michelle Bachmann

Grimm Season 5

     Season four left us in a tail spin; Juliet is dead and Nick is about to lose his damn mind. You thought sending you your own assassins head’s in boxes was rude? Oh buddy, just wait.

      Okay okay, for those of you that need to catch up, here’s what you need to know: in this universe the Grimm brother’s were actually part of a family of bad ass, monster assassins, that have survived by killing and keeping record of the real life creatures they’ve come across over the centuries. Nick, the main character, is a Grimm, and Juliet, his lady love, went bat shit evil crazy last season, and basically had to be put down for lack of a better term, but not before being fully manipulated into doing terribleness against their band of do-gooders. Obviously, there is tons of awesomeness I have intentionally neglected in between but you’ll just have to catch yourselves up before the new season premiers at the end of October.

Oh! And even more intriguing, they’ve enlisted Orange is the New Black actress, Madeline Brewer, for the upcoming season as well; so if you’re a fan perhaps it’s time to cross genres.


You kinda had this coming, but whatevs, I’m still sad.

Undateable Season 3

     I wasn’t sure of this weird, slacker show when I first started watching it, but now I love the quirky, unique humor and familial, very Cheers-esque vibe of the cast. The plots of the episodes are sometimes your more mundane, run of the mill story lines like “lost love interest” or another character has feelings for the other; but overall the humor is on point and you’ll find yourself laughing when you aren’t quite sure why and feeling empathy for characters that very well may be sociopaths. Either way, one can’t help but feel more than a little intrigued and eager to see where season three is going to take our lovable gaggle of more than probably alcoholic misfits.

iZombie Season 2

     Last January, fellow DHTG contributor Marzipan wrote a really great, positive open letter to CW about iZombie and I completely concur with the thought that we do, in fact, need a psychic zombie Veronica Mars in our lives. The first season was well paced, surprisingly redone but strikingly original and even the “bad guys” are likable and redeemable in their own respects. The concept alone of an intelligent, former drug-dealing zombie figuring out he can infect others and charge them for brains to build an empire for himself is worth the watch alone.


     And there you have it friends, enough quality television to catch yourselves up on that surely your spouses, children, employers and friends will all wish me a brutal, Game of Thrones worthy beheading. What shows are you looking forward to re-addicting yourself to this fall?


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