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5 Wrestlers Who Should Take The Title Off Brock Lesnar Instead Of Roman Reigns

written by David Hayes June 21, 2017

Brock Lesnar has held the Universal Championship since he beat Goldberg for it at WrestleMania in April. Since then he has made very few appearances and has yet to defend the title. Word is plans are set for Lesnar to hold the title for a good long while, possibly until next year’s WrestleMania. It’s largely believed that at the end of this long title run Roman Reigns will be the man to dethrone The Beast.

The question now is should Raw go so long with an absent major title and is Roman the guy to take it? Ratings for Raw have been pretty low the past few weeks and bringing the title home early might be the remedy to that situation. I would also argue having a real fan favorite be the one to do it as opposed to a polarizing figure like Roman Reigns would also do a lot to gain back viewers attention. With that in mind here are 5 wrestlers on the Raw roster who I think should win the title from Brock Lesnar over of Roman Reigns.

5. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe faces off with Brock Lesnar

The most obvious choice to start with is the man who will face Lesnar in his first title defense. At the poorly named Great Balls of Fire, Lesnar takes on Samoa Joe in what many fans would call a dream match. The easiest reason for why Joe should be the man to beat Lesnar is that it’s just so damn believable. Samoa Joe has been building a reputation as a badass in wrestling for over 10 years and beating Brock would be a great way to cement that in the WWE.

Seeing Samoa Joe choke out Lesnar after a hard fought match would be an epic finish and there are so many places to go with a Joe title run. Using their part-time beast to build their full-time beast would be a smart move by WWE. Samoa Joe deserves special consideration for making fans excited to see a show called Great Balls of Fire…

4. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins with Title

When looking for a more fitting option for the Universal Title than Roman Reigns look no further than his Shield brother Seth “Freaking” Rollins. Seth is more seasoned in the ring and light-years better on the mic than his former tag-team partner. He can make the crowd love him, he can make them hate him. Seth Rollins is the Edge of his time, in that you can throw the title on him at any point and it’ll probably work. He has experience working with Lesnar and despite he was playing the cowardly heel at the time he didn’t seem out of place in the match. Now that Seth is a more in-your-face, aggressive character the two could tell a great story in the ring.

Fans of Rollins would love to see him in a title run that was a little less paper than his last. After he had to forfeit the title due to injury it’s seemed as if Seth has had unfinished business in the main event scene.  It would be great to see him come full circle with a win against Lesnar.

3. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy with Raw tag title

The Charismatic Enigma seems like an unlikely choice at this point but that’s why it would be so great. Jeff has been nowhere near the main event picture since returning with his brother Matt at WrestleMania. The two have been planted firmly in the tag team title scene and it’s worked for them. Now that they don’t have the Tag Team Championship anymore it might be time for something different, something BROKEN. What better way to start the divide between brothers than having Jeff defy the odds again and take the Universal Championship off Brock Lesnar, once again achieving what Matt never has.

Watching a WWE redux of the BROKEN Hardys would be that much more awesome if the Universal Championship was involved. It would certainly make the title feel relevant. Whenever the Hardy break it’ll be the most talked about thing on the show. Why wouldn’t you want the top championship involved in the top program?

2. Braun Strowman

Strowman faces off with Lesnar

Strowman has benefited greatly from the nuclear heat Roman Reigns has received since retiring The Undertaker. Braun was in the right feud at the right time and he’s made the most of it. Many fans have really gotten behind the big guy. Mostly after his epic Roman beatdown. Fans would love to see that kind of brutality in a Lesnar match.

With Roman lined up for a title shot at SummerSlam and currently locked in a blood feud with Braun I can think of no better time for Strowman to take his spot and go on to vanquish Brock Lesnar. Braun Strowman would be a dominant champion and much more present than Brock. He’s fairly fresh too so there is a lot of feud opportunities in a Strowman title run. Have Braun steal Roman’s title opportunity and then go on to win it would be a great way to keep their stellar feud going in the best way possible.

1. Finn Bálor

Finn Balor with title

There are two men in the running to take Roman’s top stop in the company, SmackDown’s Shinsuke Nakamura, and Finn Bálor. With only two shows there isn’t room up there for all three of them. Bálor has just about everything going for him. He’s fantastic in the ring and he has a special style and aura all his own. The only thing he doesn’t have is size and his build up to this point suggests that won’t hurt him as much as it has others and it’s easy to see why. Bálor’s offense is so hard hitting it’s believable when you see him take down heavyweights with relative ease. 

Finn Bálor was the first Universal Champion. He beat Roman Reigns to qualify for the title match he won against Seth Rollins. Sadly, due to injury Bálor had to relinquish the title. Since returning Finn has yet to get his one-on-one rematch for the title he never lost. Fans know the day will come when The Beast clashes with The Demon King and it would be an amazing moment in Bálor came out on top.

Do you agree with our list? Who do you want to dethrone Lesnar? Let us know in the comments below!

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