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Cool Automation Platforms And Gadgets

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg December 3, 2015

Tomorrow’s home are way different from those of today. Vendors today are selling their technology where the users can control everything in their homes from the house lighting to the music they play among other things using various price catalogs, for example, 12v actuators catalogue. This article describes some of the gadgets that the vendors are selling to homeowners.

To start us off is a home automation system called Umbrela. It automatically adjusts everything from music audio to lights, video cameras, security system and more. It has humidity, temperature, motion, light and carbon monoxide sensors. It supports both Android and iOS. However, it does not require internet access or smartphone for it to work.


Next is the Alarm.com Smart Thermostat. It has sensors installed in every room. Hence, the thermostat adjusts the temperature according to a person’s presence in the room. It is connected to the security system and thus knows when no one is at home and hence cools the temperature accordingly.

The Brio Outlet and home safety System is an electrical outlet. It makes the home safer, especially for kids. A child cannot get electrocuted if they insert a piece of metal in the outlet or even stick their finger in it. The outlet auto-detects plugs, from any other foreign material. It also comes installed with “tokens” that can detect smoke, water, and carbon monoxide levels. Higher levels trigger an in-room alarm and notification to the homeowner’s phone.

Then there is the First Alert OneLink, which is a home security platform. It sends a notification via Wi-Fi to the homeowner whenever it senses high carbon and smoke levels. It has video cameras that have smoke and carbon sensors. This camera produces a Livestream to the user’s vehicle. This platform also allows the input of emergency contacts like this leak detection company in San Diego who would then receive a location and emergency text whenever a user feels in danger and hits the emergency button.

Next is the Netatmo’s Welcome, which is a smart camera with technology for face recognition. A notification is sent to the homeowner whenever someone enters the house, and if it does not recognize the person, it says there is a stranger and sends their picture.

The Ecovent controls the room temperature of each room with its smart vents that get installed. These vents connect to outlet sensors measuring humidity and temperature in the rooms then adjusting the temperature according to the data gathered. An app for both iOS and Android exists and can be used to control Ecovent.

The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight tracks humidity and temperature and has a microphone that listens for alarms from carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the household. It directly syncs with an iOS app.

Another exciting gadget is the Ring Video Doorbell. As the name suggests, the doorbell sends a live feed to a smartphone through the Android and iOS Ring’s Video Doorbell app. Its sensors can sense motion hence one does not have to ring the bell.

Next is the Oomi Cube that can sense broken glass, motion, noise and more. It also has temperature light and humidity sensors, a 140- degree security camera with night vision and two-way communication.


Lastly is the Smart Lightbulbs that have speakers hence can play music from an Android or iOS app. It also fits into any standard socket. Some also have security cameras, and others customized Wi-Fi repeaters.

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