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Four Signs Of A Geek

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 10, 2016

Ten years ago, it was easy to spot a real geek. Today this great pop culture gains momentum thanks to the arrival of ‘geek chic’. What once would result in ridicule is considered to be really awesome today. So, how can one tell programmers from posers, haxxors from hipsters and geeks from nerds?

1. Gaming

Most gamers know the difference between Warcraft and Minecraft. Although, true gamer geeks are so addicted to them that they spend weeks playing non-stop. They are surely aware how many quests you should solve to become a Loremaster in WoW. And they definitely know how to mine obsidian in Minecraft. They adore MMO’s and MMORPG’s with fancy and sexy characters and are ready to donate a fortune to get a rare artifact. Be sure that true gaming geeks monitor eBay and other websites to buy something unique for their characters. They know all the ropes in game locations, keep in mind all the characters’ names and know every pet they might have. Some of the gaming geeks get pretty far in and some of them never surface from the gaming world. They of course are the first geeks we go running to when we are stuck in a game.


2. Gambling

Real geeks take gambling too serious. Before entering any virtual casino, they do a thorough research. They will not sign in before checking website’s reliability. These people know where to find the highest rates and the fastest payouts. Usually, they are looking for the newest virtual machines and love testing new inventions. This is why they keep checking in on OnlineCasinoGuide looking for innovative gambling technologies.

3. Television

Geeks are addicted to all the sci-fi movies and TV-shows. Those are the geeks, who caused so much fuss around the new Star Wars. They can say the names of all the thirteen actors that played Doctor Who. They definitely know the number of Stargates on Earth, and they surely can give the Vulcan ‘Live Long and Prosper”. They had to practice hard and injured a few fingers, but they managed to learn how to do that right. They surely know where Mulder considers the truth to be. Geeks will not stop re-watching their favorite films, although they remember the details of every scene. And if you check a geek’s closet, you will surely find a few costumes of their most loved movie heroes. These movie and TV geeks will dispute till they are blue in the face about their fandoms and why it is the best. Also these geeks and nerds are great for new movie choices when you cannot find anything to watch.

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4. Comics

What geek does not have a stack of comics under his bed? The rarest editions have been sold for thousands of hundreds of dollars. This is why geeks keep visiting comic stores looking for something special. They know the city where the world’s largest Comic Con is held and have visited the fest at least once. They can make a perfect costume of paper and duct tape at home. They know how to construct an ideal Grade Bandai model kit and definitely have tried to do that in their own garage. Comic geeks get extremely addicted to all the described above. They wear T-shirts with prints of their favorite superheroes and villains. They cannot stop arguing about the most powerful character of all time, and you will definitely never get bored with them.

I am sure that we all could add hundreds of reasons that people would be classified as a geek or a nerd to this list. I also know that the fine line to find fellow nerds out there  has become a blurred line as you really can’t decide who is “fake and who is not” nor should you. We all have our fandoms and some of us jump in a little further than others. Enjoy your fellow geeks and nerds out there…because we are taking over.

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