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8 Bit Vans for the Retro Gaming Fan

written by Ali L May 8, 2016

Nintendo inspired Mario Vans

The world just got a little bit brighter for nostalgic Nintendo fans everywhere. Vans announced in early May that they have partnered with the gaming giant to bring the nerd world a complete line of shoes inspired by their classic 8-bit lineup.

They will be featuring Mario, Duck Hunt, Legend of Zelda and a whole bunch of different Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong and our beloved Princess Peach.

When you look at all the other retro inspired shoes available on the market now (like shoes featuring the world famous blue bomber Mega Man), we geeks sure do have a lot of options to show off our love of  8-bit gaming.

Although the actual release date of this particular line has yet to be announced, the word on the street is that they will be available for retail sale sometime in June of this year. Which is simply not soon enough for me; I NEED these Princess Peach shoes in my life, like, yesterday!

Princess Peach Vans

Until then friends here’s a small sampling of the gloriousness that will soon be upon us. Oh what a wonderful time it is to be a geek!

DK Vans

Mario Vans

Nintendo Vans

Zelda Vans

Duck Hunt Vans

What do you think and what kind of classic gaming themed shoes would you like to see in the future? What kinds of retro gaming footwear do you already own? Let us know or show off your epic kicks with a pic in the comments below!

And If you’d like to stay updated on news and the pending release of this line you can sign up by going to the Vans website, called the Warped Zone.

Also, if you’re a fan of geek inspired fashion, check out this Star Wars inspired fashion line available now!

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