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Wagering in Cybersports

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg October 20, 2016

The history of sports betting goes back in time and is connected with a rise in sports popularity. As a consequence, the advice offered at Betting News can be invaluable to the huge number of people who bet frequently on sporting events.

As well as this advice, knowing that there are professional sports betters like Vegas Dave out there makes it even more appealing for people to try their hand at betting. As e-sports were evolving, gaming developers invested more and more money into tournaments, bookmakers noticed the prospective popularity of the virtual games. They were the first to acknowledge that cybersports were equal to sports and to start accepting wagers in eSports. This revolutionized bookmaking.


How it works

E-sports wagering is no different from gambling on real sports events. Just like in case with a football match or a golf tournament, a bettor tries to guess which cyber sports team will win and makes a bet on them. There are plenty of online gambling platforms for cybersports, but htpp://www.cybbet.com is the one that we recommend for safe and easy wagering. You can put a bet on a game depending on your preference whether it is Dota 2, CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm or LOL. The great thing about cybersports gambling is that you can either bet real money or cyber money. This enables newbies in gambling to learn how to bet risk-free. And there is a possibility to exchange cyber money for real money.

Bettors on eSports

Reportedly, there were over 1 million of people who wagered real money on cybersports in 2015. Sounds unbelievable, right? Not if you look at the statistics of eGames fans. 89 million of people from around the world consider themselves to be fans of eSports. These figures can be compared to 94 million of hockey lovers or a 79-million audience who regularly watched swimming competitions. According to the experts, the amount of eSports fans will steadily grow and might reach 145 million in 2017. This does not mean that these people are active gamers or even have ever played video games. They just love the appeal, and the drive of eSports tournaments. And some of them actively put bets on their favourite team.


To Bet or not to Bet

Gambling on eSports is fun and exciting. It is advisable to know some video game specifics as cybersports wagering is a bit more complicated compared to football or tennis gambling. Though some bettors think that even if you do not know much about the teams or have no clue about subtle details of their techniques, you can still win taking into consideration statistics or trusting your gut instinct. In cybersports tournaments just like in traditional sports situations when an underdog wins is not a rarity. Think of EURO 2016 final when Portugal beat France which was the strongest team during the whole tournament.

Esports gambling has definitely got potential and if you love cybersports or you are keen on analyzing team strategies, strong and weak points, statistics and making forecasts, why not to try gambling yourself? Head to a site like yukbola.net where you can find an Agen Bola (trusted betting agent) to help you get started today.

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