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A New Way to Control Your Teen

written by April Carvelli February 4, 2015

dda6d88d1fdbb4eeffa3eeddf1c4b577_largeTeenagers! Sarcastic, loud mouth, Internet addicted beasts of mayhem and disgruntlement. If you are vexed with one of these insane creatures I know your pain, as do the people at Vexbox. They can’t help you with all of it, but they might be able to help you get a few chores done.

Vexbox is a simple device that plugs in and is easy to control from your mobile device. It is about the size of a Rubiks cube and plugs into your main router and allows you to throttle the Internet speed. This gives you, the parent, total control over your teen’s Internet speed.

Many parents feel lost when it comes to technology and have difficulty withdrawing Internet from their teen, because their teen knows more about it than they do. The only option these parents have is to turn the Internet off, which then causes them problems. The Vexbox is perfect because it requires no technical aptitude, simply plug it in and you can control the Internet speed. Is your internet speed low as it is without The Vexbox throttling you? If you’re wanting to upgrade to a faster internet, more than likely you’ll find a cheaper broadband deal than your current package too.

Now when your teen doesn’t do the chores you send them back to the 90’s with a 56K speed, they aren’t going to get any You Tube Videos or gaming done with that. That is enough motivation even for my seven-year old.

Unfortunately this device is not available on the market yet and is only in the KickStarter phase, so if this sounds like something you could use to deal with your teen, then head on over and kick in a few bucks for the cause.

And for those like me that were wondering how easy it was for your teen to tamper with?

Couldn’t a Child Just Unplug The VexBox?


Well, yes they could, but since your children’s devices were told to ‘Forget’ the main network they will not be able to log into the main network. If a wired device is pulled The VexBox will email you that it has been tampered with.

Remember, this is a tool to help motivate your teen not a replacement for Parenting. It is a tool that exists between Internet is On or internet is Off. Just like the blocking tools you use to protect them from sites you don’t want them on.

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