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ABC Looking Forward to “Full Frontal Nudity” on The Muppets

written by J Martell July 29, 2015

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Oddly accurate news ahoy!

In a string of recently released The Muppets ads, promoting the group’s return to television in the fall, ABC is making several claims about the upcoming series. Among others, they are promising “Finally, a network tv show with full frontal nudity”.


See, it’s true right? Because Kermit (and most of the other Muppets, really) don’t wear much for clothes. Get it!? Do ya!? HAH. It’s hilarious (sort of), in that “Yah, it’s true, but not really what you think of when you think of full frontal nudity…” way.

It ain't easy being... fully nude under this coat?

It ain’t easy being… fully nude under this coat?

Could this mean a return to the trench-coat wearing Kermit the Reporter from The Muppets? Where there’s a trench-coat and a mention of full frontal nudity, we no doubt have a full episode on the errors of the “trench-coat flashing” community.

Take a peak at the other release ads here, boasting other character and subtle lines such as Fozzy Bear and “Changing the tv manscape.”

The Muppets premieres September 22nd on ABC. Take a look below at the ABC’s released sneak-peak at the series!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2B5d-8H588]

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