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Activision wants more remasters after success of Crash Bandicoot

written by Alex Lopez August 6, 2017

Remakes are all the rage in Hollywood right now. Filmmakers want to use nostalgia to rake in more money. Seems like video game companies are following the same path. Activision, with the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, has discovered the nostalgic gold. Now they want to continue to mine it.


Crash Bandicoot became a hit during the PS1 days. Looking for a mascot to rival Nintendo’s Mario, Sony found one in Crash Bandicoot and didn’t look back. However, Crash did not last as long as Mario. While fans clamored for the one time mascot to return, many thought Crash would never return. Then Activision dropped a huge mic at E3 2017 with the announcement of the N. Sane Trilogy. And no one saw the success coming. Now Activision wants to capitalize on the remaster craze.

According to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, the N. Sane Trilogy exceeded all of Activision’s expectations. “We knew that there was a passionate audience out there for Crash–full disclosure, myself among them–but we had no idea… it’s hard to tell if that’s a vocal minority or that’s a real mass audience until you put something out there.” Hirschberg goes on to say that Activision continues to listen to the fans and they are confident that more classic IPs will make there way to modern consoles. As of now, the next remaster from Activision will be Starcraft: Remastered. However, we will all have to wait to see what could be next.

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