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Alexa Finds a New Home on Your Wrist with Martian

written by Jude Kasekamp December 7, 2016
Martian mVoice Smartwatch with Amazon Alexa

Martian, makers of smart timepieces (not that Matt Damon movie), have announced a new partnership with Amazon. You can now talk to Alexa through one of their beautiful mVoice wristwatches.

Martian mVoice Smartwatch with Amazon Alexa

The smartwatch space has been struggling. Martian Watches are taking a little bit of a different approach than everyone else. Most wearables slap a screen on your wrist to push notifications from your phone. Instead, Martians are classic analog timepieces, built with premium materials, with a ticker-style OLED display.

The addition of Alexa means the watch will not just make phone calls and read your texts. Now, you can ask for directions, control your smart home, and add eggs to your grocery list. Alexa’s voice will eminate from the watch, instead of an Echo device. Also, you can talk to your helpful buddy when you’re in the car or out for a walk, not just in your living room.

This configuration means that the smart brain of the device hides beneath the surface. It may make this device more appealing to those who appreciate a great-looking watch. Smartwatches might not make it to bluetooth earpiece douchey status. Maybe you won’t feel like a complete Silicon Valley hipster with a Martian instead of the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear. Maybe?

3 martian smartwatches with Amazon Alexa, white background

Alexa continues to expand beyond the Echo, among rumours of a touchscreen being featured on a more premium version. Amazon is making a genius move by licensing their personal assistant to 3rd parties, unlike Apple’s Siri. This could provide more exposure and name recognition, instead of remaining in a niche.

Going down this path, imagine talking to Alexa in your car, on your laptop (ahem Cortana), or through your TV. Who knows if Amazon will scatter her to the four corners of the world of devices. For now, you can ask her to dim the lights and put on some smooth jazz, while you read all the latest news on Don’t Hate the Geek.

What do you geeks think? Do you care about Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri? What about smartwatches? Let us know!

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