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Alien 5: The Return of Newt? Concept Art Shows Us Older Version Of Character

written by Surllio April 26, 2016
Concept art for an Older Newt from the upcoming Alien 5

There is one franchise in the current film world that remains a science fiction and horror icon: Alien.  These days this franchise can’t seem to get anything good off the ground anymore.  What does get made is often not up to par with the expectations.  Today, fans of Alien universe celebrate as the calendar marks the same numbers as planet that harbored that distress call.  Today, in celebration of Alien day, Neill Blomkamp sent out an image over Instagram with concept art for one of the series’ beloved characters, Newt.

Alien day

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That is a grown up Newt, looking serious and ready to combat some Xenomorphs.  This falls in line with some of the other pieces of concept art that Blomkamp has released in the past.  Everything he has shown us gives us a glimpse into a world where the last two films didn’t happen.  Last year this concept art of an older Hicks and Ripley was also posted to Instagram.


This news might excite many of you, but it needs to be stated that this project is in a serious state of limbo.  Ridley Scott is already into some degree of production on Prometheus 2 or Alien: Covenant or whatever title they are going to give it in 2 weeks.  That film also seems to have it’s fair share of problems.

Fox is still testing the waters with this franchise after the box office and critical slaughtering of Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and the Alien vs. Predator films.  The franchise was all but in cryosleep since that period of time.  As a fan of the franchise I would love to see it finally given the justice it deserves.  I understand Ripley is an iconic character, but the franchise has promise outside of her.  Seeing it move in a new direction, not bound by Sigourney Weaver would be a good move.

Blomkamp’s behind the scenes images suggests that he wants to take the series back to something more akin to Aliens.  While I know Blomkamp can handle the action sequences, the Xenomorph is a creature grounded in horror.  James Cameron managed to blend the atmosphere that Ridley Scott had put forth in Alien, but gave it a tone of that of the Vietnam War.  I would love to see something more along those lines.

Perhaps Blomkamp can pull it off, but given most of his films have the same basic story elements we will just have to wait an see.   That is, of course, if this film even gets out of stasis.

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