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Alien: Covenant Leaked Photos Are Full of Gross Alien Goodness

written by Tony Valdez October 29, 2016
Engineer ship

Movie news site So, Is It Any Good has revealed an exclusive set of photos from the set of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. The images, leaked from an unnamed source, have revealed a number of set pieces as well as several versions of the legendary xenomorph aliens to be featured in the film.

The images speak for themselves, so let’s get right to it.

Egg chamber from Alien Covenant

An alien egg chamber

Facehugger from Alien Covenant

An uncomfortable close-up of our old friend, the classic facehugger

Multiple alien models from Alien Covenant

Multiple proto-alien models

Alien head bust

Close-up proto-alien bust, clearly in need of dentistry

Engineer ship

And finally, the Engineer/Pilot chamber

There you have it, folks. No word yet if that is the same engineer ship from the end of Prometheus. It was last seen being piloted by sole survivor Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), en route to find the Engineer homeworld. Personally, if this movie was simply a road trip starring Shaw and the Disembodied Head Formerly Known As David the Android (Michael Fassbender), I would be totally okay with that.

What is very exciting here is seeing so many practical elements being built. Granted, the proto-aliens seen here could merely be reference models for larger CG creatures to come, but I really hope we see some good old-fashioned stunt people in xenomorph suits. Also noteworthy is that the aliens here still appear to be some sort of hybrids, perhaps still transitioning somewhere on the bizzaro evolutionary line between Engineer and the classic xeno.

(Kinda sounds like a used car, doesn’t it? “We got your classic ’79 Xeno here! All black exterior. Runs on bio acid diesel.”)

Granted, the computer-generated VFX in Prometheus were fantastic and appropriately horrifying. But in an age where actors can be filmed wandering about and reacting to entirely virtual worlds and monsters, the amount of practical detail employed here is a breath of fresh air. Whether these images were meant to be released or not, I think Scott and company are going to be generating plenty of excitement from long-time fans and newcomers alike.

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