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Power Rangers’ Alpha 5 Undergoes Drastic Remodel For Upcoming Film

written by Jason Marcano November 30, 2016
New Alpha 5 Headshot


As the Power Rangers movie’s March 24th premiere date draws ever closer Saban and Lions Gate are giving more looks at the characters and how they’ll differ from their 90s counterparts. The most recent trailer showed us the 5 teens and gave us a tantalizing tease of Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa.

The latest character to be revealed, thanks to IGN, is the child-like, comic relief robot Alpha 5. It’s already apparent that director Dean Israelite is taking the once colorful, almost slapstick at times, series in a darker direction. The Rangers’ suits are streamlined, sleek, and all metal. Rita is sinister and sexy. She no longer lives up to the moniker “Repulsa”.

This new look for Alpha 5 however has many scratching their heads.

While the color scheme remains largely unaltered, there are quite a few obvious changes. The stand out feature is Alpha’s head. The friendly “face” and Geordi La Forge like eyes are replaced with bulbous peepers that protrude from Alpha’s head like two Maglites. His long, orangutan-like arms nearly extend to the floor. The one thing I can’t get over is that belly.

Alpha 5 Is preggers

It looks like our dear Alpha 5 is expecting. Either that or he’s a middle aged robot that has spent his entire youth drinking the night away because that is a mini-keg, not a stomach. Thankfully, this is concept art so the final on-screen Alpha 5 may (hopefully) differ slightly.

What do you geeks think about Alpha 5’s new look? Is it too alien? Is it just right? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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