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Alterna Comics Publishing Newsprint Comics For Under $2

Everyone likes a good throwback every once in a while. Put on a classic shirt or jersey and hey, maybe watch, read, or play something classic from way back then. Its fun to go back sometimes and that seems to be the motto of one independent comic publisher.

Alterna Comics has announced a whole new line of comic books retailed at $1 to $1.99 per issue that’ll be printed on newspaper print.

Up until advancements in the coloring of comic books around 1992 and 1993, nearly every comic on the market since the 1930s was printed on newsprint style paper before the more glossier paper we know today was the industry standard so that more nuanced color could show up clearly on the page. The switch in paper also meant prices of the single issues went up to compensate for the change.

Speaking on this decision, publisher of Alterna Comics Peter Simeti said, “When I fell in love with comics, it was an entire experience. The stories, the imagery, and the paper. There was almost nothing else like reading a comic book. It was a fragile thing, but durable at the same time. Printed on newsprint with a thin, but glossy, cover, you could roll the comic – not that you’d necessarily want to – and they were lightweight and had a floppy feel.

Simeti also stated that their goal is to create comic books that feel like readers picked up from a shop 30 years ago. He also remarked on the pricing of the books due to the use of newsprint paper saying that most companies now are trying to out do each other with premium paper stocks and raising price tags while they strive to make their comics more affordable. He says that Alterna is not in the business of making collectables and then comic books. “We’re happy to leave the premium paper stocks to our graphic novel line, which we will still be producing,” he added.

Alterna is set to launch the line sometime in the spring or summer later this year.

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