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Amazon Brand Foods and Household Items Coming Soon

written by Ali L May 17, 2016

Yes friend, you read correctly. Amazon will soon be widening its reach to include private-label foods and household items, expanding on their Pinzon (linens), AmazonBasics (home and office), and Elements (wipes, diapers) lines. Although this is awesome news for consumers, it isn’t particularly surprising after the company released an entire collection of clothing lines rather discreetly in February.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) these products will only be available to Amazon Prime members but should begin becoming purchasable by the end of May or beginning of June. With more than 50 million Prime members though, there is certainly a broad market for them to experiment with.

In fact, it could the perfect time for Amazon to roll out this risky new venture considering that in late April the company reported four straight quarters of profit (Business Insider). Many are attributing these profits to the changing landscape of the retail world brought on by the unique shopping habits of the Millennial generation.

In a statement to USA Today, Phil Lempert, an LA-based consumer analyst said;

“Millennials care about quality and price and taste; they’re brand agnostic. It’s a sweet spot for Amazon”

Amazon boxes

Currently, according to the Wall Street Journal, the new product line will offer “nuts, trail mix, cooking oil, and snack foods”. However, the company does own the rights to make other foods like pasta, granola and chips.

At this time, Amazon hasn’t released anymore details about what exactly they’ll be offering so I suppose we’ll just have to wait it out and see what kind of products and prices they offer on these Prime only food and household stuffs. As a Prime member and frequent user of Amazon Pantry, I’m kind of stoked to see this growth in straight to consumer marketing,

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of online grocery shopping or more of an old school brick and mortar, face-to-face kinda shopper? Is this the way of the future or just another risky Amazon venture? Tell us what you think!

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