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Amazon Echo on Sale for Half Off from Woot (Hurry!)

written by Katelyn Fiorentino October 31, 2017
Amazon Echo 1st Generation Sale $75 Woot

Are you in need of a smart, wireless speaker? Well, you’re in luck! The 1st Generation Amazon Echo is on sale for only $75. This short time deal, until November 9th (or while supplies last), is on the daily deals site Woot.

Amazon Echo First Generation Woot Sale

Although Woot has many tech-related deals, this one in particular stands out. They are offering the Echo in both black and white. Maybe it’s the limited time offer, 58% price reduction, or maybe the Amazon Echo is just too cool to pass up. There’s nothing better than having a friend around your house that really listens – a little creepy?

Despite the Echo’s newer competitors, it still offers hands free voice-activated technology, music streaming, and smart home management. Also, it’s easy to set up with the free Alexa app. I’m sure you’ve seen those Alec Baldwin commercials hyping up the Amazon Echo. If those don’t make you want to buy one, I don’t know what will.

Amazon Echo First Generation Alec Baldwin Commercial

Many retailers sell the Amazon Echo, but almost none can compete with what Woot is offering, for $75. One of the newer Echo products is the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo. This product is being promoted as having “improved sound”, and a “new design”. Most of the other listed details sound similar to the 1st Generation. Amazon described the 1st Generation:

Answers questions, reads the news, reports traffic and weather, reads audiobooks from Audible, gives info on local businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and more using the Alexa Voice Service.

With that being said, along with the many other qualities of the Amazon Echo, it seems like a worthy gadget. The deal Woot is offering makes buying an older model very bearable.

So, what do you geeks think of this deal? Is the 58% price reduction worth it?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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