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Amazon Prime Forkin’ Out Dough to Compete: Could It Be Better Than Netflix Soon?

written by Quinzel Lee April 13, 2017

If online streaming services is a game of tug and war, Amazon Prime is pulling the rope hardest. With more streaming services available than ever before, Amazon is realizing that they need to pony up some extra dough just to compete.

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Netflix has been at the top of the streaming game for a while. But all of that could change as Amazon is reportedly about to spend 4.5 Billion this year on video. That’s still a little less than what Netflix is shelling out, but it puts them much closer.

Will money make a difference? Amazon Prime does have a considerable amount of perks that outweighs those of Netflix. With an Amazon Prime yearly membership, not only is there access to Prime Video and all of its content, there is also Free 2 day shipping, Prime Music, and Prime Photos. There is also a cool feature known as Prime Pantry, where you can never wait in a grocery store line again.

All that being said, the biggest winner of this competition will be who can release the best content. Netflix has tripled their library of original Netflix series that have users raving. Also, with the addition of offline viewing, Netflix offers the opportunity to binge on the go. That competes with Amazon Prime’s ability to also download and run.

Amazon does have its own original content and in some ways, it’s starting to compete with that of Netflix. Perhaps with the addition of money, the streaming service will be able to add on more original content. And perhaps, maybe even some more perks that could put Netflix in some real trouble.

Are you guys Amazon Prime fans or Netflix Marathoners? Who has the best content? Does the perks of Amazon Prime outweigh the content of Netflix? Or is a night of marathon-ing an entire series on your laptop enough to keep you loyal? Sound off and defend your favorite streaming service in the comments below.

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