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AMC CEO backs down on his latest idea for theaters

written by Branden H April 19, 2016

texting at the movies

Two days. Two days is all it took for AMC CEO Adam Aron to back down on the idea of phone friendly theaters.  After the first announcement the backlash was quick and, as the internet has often proven, judgement was swift. Several sites addressed the CEO’s idea and many people weighed in with their thoughts on this. After the dust had settled in the Thunder Dome Adam Aron reached out and spoke to the pitch fork wielding army at his doorstep. You can also see the post from AMC on their Facebook page here or the image below.


“With your advice in hand, there will be NO TEXTING ALLOWED in any of the auditoriums at AMC Theatres,” Aron said in a statement posted to the company’s Facebook page. “Not today, not tomorrow and not in the foreseeable future.”

Aron has only been the CEO of AMC for about four months and while he did not say the changes he wanted to carry out would be immediate the internet, as is its way, reacted as if today would have been the first of a long string of bright little phones ruining our movie going experience. That being said he has made a few good points in the process.

Millennials are glued to their phones and it only gets worse in the I-generation, believe me. My daughter spends more time in the warm glow of her iPhone than she does in the sun itself; I think she might be a vampire honestly. They are also wild and easily frightened creatures who demand their comfort in all forms and want bigger, better, faster in all things. So adding large movie screens and comfier seats makes perfect sense. Heck I even like our Head Geek’s idea of throwing a few PC’s out there in the right setting.

Image of couches in a theater

I’d never leave

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