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Amy Schumer Signs onto Sony and Mattel’s Live-Action Barbie

written by Jordan Cobb December 3, 2016

A live-action Barbie film should come as no surprise to anyone that is aware of one of Mattel’s biggest brands and one of the most recognized toy lines of all-time.

What certainly is a surprise is the fact that comedian/actress Amy Schumer has signed on to play Barbie herself, which if you’ve seen any of her stand-up, her Comedy Central series, or her film Trainwreck, then you’ll see why this is such a surprise.


Schumer has signed on to play the girl that can do pretty much every job that has ever existed and is rumored to even do a rewrite with her sister, Kim Caramele on a script Sony commissioned last year from Hilary Winston.

The contrast between the 1950sĀ image of Barbie as a perfectly beautiful, thin blonde and Schumer’s own image and her very frank and open comedy sounds like it might not mix too well, but Schumer’s involvement does seem to look like a good fit actually since the film is said to address some of the issues as it pertains to the image of the Barbie dolls with a story about learning how great it is to be unique among everyone and that fitting in isn’t really that important. Sony and Mattel are looking to make the Barbie movie an imaginative family film in the vein of Splash and Big, which both starred Tom Hanks, and Disney’s Enchanted.


Believe it or not, getting a live-action Barbie movie off the ground has been quite the task. The main reason for was trying to find the right angle in which to approach the film with it once being pitched as a buddy film where Barbie helps an overworked bureaucrat find an assistant.

What do you think of the news? Is Amy Schumer as Barbie an interesting or bad choice of casting? How many Barbie dolls do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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