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Andy Rubin (Android Co-Founder) Will Reveal Smartphone!

written by Jude Kasekamp May 27, 2017
Andy Rubin holding a smartphone

Fire up that hype train people! Andy Rubin, one of the original visionaries behind Android, has been hard at work at his next play in the market. Essential Products, Inc. will be producing a line of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. We might get our first real look at one of those devices on May 30th, 2017, going by this tease of a tweet!

A couple of months back, Rubin teased us as well with this glimpse at the corner of a bezel-less smartphone. Rumours claim that these phones will compete head-on with the iPhone. They should offer larger screens, premium builds, and crazy-ass magnetic charging. Oh, and did we mention no bezels?

A glimpse at first Essential phone from Android co-founder Andy Rubin

A follow-up tweet showed off the shadowy silhouette of the new device. It also looks like a 360 camera peripheral is attached to the top.


Rubin also alluded to that 360-degree camera in the past:

Andy Rubin has been prolific in the tech industry. He unleashed Android on the world, was on the Danger team that gave us the Sidekick (yes, I had one of those, too), and now he seems set to make waves again. Based on all the hype and rumours, this could be more than just another small player in the smartphone game. Razer bought Nextbit, shut down the brand, and absorbed the tech and personnel. Motorola was once the leading mobile phone maker in the world, but the people in charge thought touch screens would never catch on. Several ownerships later, they are still producing great devices, but they are not in the same conversation as Apple and Samsung. HTC… well let’s all just say a prayer for HTC, shall we?

Do you geeks care about yet another smartphone maker? Are you excited to see what Rubin has come up with, or are you loyal to your current brand? Sound off in the comments! Also, stay tuned to see what Essential announces!

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