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Anime 2D Hologram For Your Home

written by Atomicfireball February 6, 2016

Just when you are getting used to Siri and Cortana, a new start up in Japan, has taken the interactive primitive AI to a new, and potentially hazardous level. Hazardous if you are a single, lonely, anime obsessed individual, which includes thousands of Anime Con goers. The company, going by the name Vinclu is planning on releasing this AI/ primitive robot that will interact with you in various ways. Although, exactly what she will do is not clear at the moment. If you’re not fully versed on all things anime then read the full info here.


The website, even with the miracle that is Google Translate, does not make it clear as to the exact specifications or capabilities, and the promotional video does not help. What is clear is that it will wake you up and provide you with reminders but since various sensors are mentioned it could be assumed that it will help turn on the lights or television.

At face value, this could be a really cool evolution of the personal virtual assistant or an opportunity for interactive Hentai. I am sure there is a market for that, but am just not feeling the broad appeal. To add to the porn potential, the image used in the video for the AI is the same from a popular Japanese dating site.


Given that Japan has already brought us interactive, virtual singers and given us the anime craze, I have no doubt this would find its way our shores. Which begs the question of what to do if Siri, Cortana and this waifu, get into a torrid love triangle? I am certain I don’t want my devices going all Game of Thrones on me or each other.


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