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Another New Overwatch Character Rumored To Be Revealed This Monday

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 20, 2016

With Battleborn just revealing their latest warrior, Alani, you know Blizzard’s Overwatch isn’t going to just roll over and be outdone. The rumor mill is back in full force with this highly anticipated title dropping May 24th.

It is rumored that during the newest animated short story based on Overwatch (you can watch a few of them here) will feature a new playable character expected to be added to the roster. This would be exciting because the short is set to be released May 23rd, one day before the game’s release, so that would give fans of the open beta something fresh to look forward to.

The source of this rumor begins with a French cinema that will be hosting a screening for the next animated episode. In their promotion for the short, they advertised the “discovery of new heroes”. This could be argued as a type-o but there is some more evidence supporting that the rumor is more than just that.


You know that the internet was all over this buzz and NeoGAF user Nirolak was one of the many that began to piece together what is next for Blizzard’s shooter. Through subtle clues dropped here and there, they found that the character anticipated to be revealed would go by the name Sombra. Not a whole lot is known other than the fact that Sombra is apparently female by fellow character Reaper having a line that states “Where’s Sombra when you need her!” Her name also comes up in the Dorado level, which is a promising lead due to the fact that previous playable characters have been released in a similar manner.

You can also expect Sombra, if that is the newest character, to be free given that Blizzard has already addressed the concerns on whether the game would be littered with micro-transactions. The company has clarified that all maps and characters released for Overwatch will be at no cost.


The animated short in question that will allegedly house this big reveal centers around the character Soldier: 76 titled “Hero” and that will air on the 23rd. Don’t forget to tune in with us over on our Facebook Page as I do an Overwatch Collector’s Edition unboxing video in order to celebrate a sure to be successful launch! I can’t wait!

The game itself will be releasing May 24th to all platforms.

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