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Another Twist in Wonder Woman’s Family History (SPOILERS)

written by Jordan Cobb June 1, 2016

One of the more interesting things that happened when DC Comics last rebooted with the New 52 was a slight change to the origin of Wonder Woman during Brian Azzarello’s run on the book. Turns out that Diana herself was born out of a love affair between her mother, Hippolyta and Zeus. The traditional born of clay origin was used as a cover story to make sure Zeus’ wife, Hera didn’t find out and go mad on everyone.


It certainly set the book on an interesting path that saw Wonder Woman become the new God of War. As it turns out though, that’s not the only topsy-turvy twist in Diana’s family history with DC’s latest universe reboot, Rebirth. Now for those that haven’t read Justice League #50 and/or DC Universe: Rebirth #1 yet, SPOILERS! Nasty little SPOILERS!

In Justice League #50, the conclusion to the Darkseid War, Wonder Woman is next to Myrina Black, Amazonian assassin and mother to Darkseid’s daughter, Grail, as Myrina is dying. With the last words she has left, Myrina reveals she was there the day Diana was born and that she wasn’t the only baby birthed and that she has a twin. A twin brother. Little weird considering Themyscria, home to Wonder Woman and all other Amazons, has a strict policy against men being there. It appears that Steve Trevor is no longer the first man to step foot on shore, it was her brother Jason.



As expected, this has just opened a huge Pandora’s box of questions that are gonna keep fans up all night long. Everything about Jason remains a mystery right now such as where he’s been, what his powers are exactly, and if he’s on the side of good or bad.

What are you’re feelings about this? Do you think this is intriguing or just outright dumb? Let us know in the comments below!

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