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Apple Campus 2 Construction Caught via Drone Footage (VIDEO)

written by Jordan Cobb November 28, 2016

To say Apple is a secretive company is akin to mentioning how much I love comic books, you’re not really pointing out anything new by bringing it up. Still though, the hushed tones Apple usually has around whatever it’s working on has become a notable trait associated with the tech giant and given how big competition is in the technology industry, that’s understandable.

Too bad they can’t do too much in the way of a drone capturing footage of what will become their future headquarters. Sexton Videography on YouTube recently caught some footage via a drone of Apple’s Campus 2, their future base of operations, in the middle of construction out in Cupertino, California. You can take a look at the footage for yourself below.

The nearly completed $5 billion compound certainly does give off a futuristic look to it, resembling a spaceship more than anything else. The building looks like it wouldn’t feel too out of place in say Tomorrowland or say be the lair for the next James Bond villain, either or. The 2.8 million square feet wide Campus 2 is also¬†certainly a reflection as to the image Apple presents itself as today and one they’ll likely keep up going forward in the future.


The video shows off an underground auditorium which boasts the largest carbon fiber roof in this entire world, the main research and development building, the main parking structure that has space for 20,000 cars, solar panel roofs, and the tunnel entrance for employees amongst the many, many things that this impressive place will have.

No doubt Steve Jobs would be proud of this building.

What are your impressions of Apple Campus 2? Is it cool or do you think its all just a bit much? Let us know in the comments below!

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