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Apple Certified Lighting Braided Cable 10′ Sponsored REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg November 4, 2015


I go through cables like they are going out of style. Some end up missing, some eaten by the animals, most just stop working for one reason or another. It is nice when I come across a quality cable that I actually want to spend a little time writing about. This is that case. We have reviewed a few items from LAX Gadgets and have been very pleased with almost all of them from the build quality to features and more. Again this braided Lightning cable fits that mold as well.

The cable comes in pretty plain packaging and upon first thing I noticed I love the braided cable. I do not know if you have ever used a braided cable compared to normal cables…but it is an amazing difference. They seem to hold together sooooo much longer. They also seem not to kink up as much. The braid on this is tight and fits the cord perfect. My friend got a braided cable from printasleeve.com and he said the exact same thing too!


Most of the features are the same as any other cable outside of that….except that this cable is 10′. Size does matter…but good thing you do not pay for it with this cable either. You can jump on Amazon right now and get it for only $14.99. I highly recommend doing so. It also comes in many colors.

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