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April Brings Attack on Titan Season 2

written by Robin Anderson December 8, 2016
Attack on Titan Season 2

Get ready for some bad-ass naked giants, cause Attack on Titan is finally making a comeback!

They sure know how to keep a girl on the hook; it’s been two years since they announced season 2 was in the makings, and three years since the suspenseful finale of season 1. Despite this, fans everywhere are still fist pumping the air in excitement–just daydreaming of more brutally bashed-in heads and mental break downs.

The publishers of the Attack on Titan, Kodansha Comics, confirmed for us that season 2 will be airing in April sometime.

Along with this, the news of a change of directors has surfaced. The season 1 episode director, Masashi Koizuka, will be moving up to the honorable position of overall director of the second season. Previous director, Tetsuro Araki will help guide him and others in the position of chief director.

attack on titan potato girl

Still haven’t seen this glorious rendition of mental breakage? Do not fret young padawan, because you still have time to catch up by going over and binge watching it on Hulu or Netflix! Then you may cry yourself to sleep like the rest of us until our questions about the finale of season 1 are answered.

More stuff to check out!

If you are still in need of a fix after that, there are other things you can check out!

For example, last year a live-action movie was released for Attack on Titan. To be honest, I have been too scared to watch any live-action anime movies ever since The Last Airbender tragedy of 2010. This Attack on Titan live-action rendition received a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I would tread those waters rather carefully.

Secondly, a slash and hack video game was released last year as well! Unlike its movie counterpart, it has quite successful ratings; with a 9/10 on Steam. Feel free to check out the Markiplier review below.

Are you as excited as I am? Are you worried about the change in directors or are you just so relieved to even be getting a season 2 to care? Also please leave a comment as to what you think the finale of season 1 meant—I want to hear everyone’s theories!

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