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All the April Fool’s nonsense you may have missed!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. April 1, 2016
It's from think geek

It's SpongeBob

Another year,  another April 1st. That means people and companies playing April Fool’s jokes on us.  Generally I tend to stay off the Internet as much as possible on this day but I thought you geeks could use a round up of some of the pranks pulled by various entities this year.

It's the Spawn pocket

Comic book fans were a bit surprised and yet angered when Spawn Pockets were announced via email today.  Meant to mock the tasty yet bad for you Hot Pockets,  these green and red microveable treats looked as nasty as AL Simmons unmasked face.  That didn’t stop people from wanting them though.

Artisinal toilet paper?  Yep, Quilted Northern spent a good penny mocking hipsters with their April Fool’s product. Their TP was made from authentic tree bark and was rougher than sandpaper but that didn’t keep the soy latte drinkers away. The commercial they made was pretty spot on too. I love the look the lady gives after she tries to sit after using it.

It's from think geek

Not to be left out of the shenanigans of the annual event is ThinkGeek. Every year they come up with something more outrageous than the year before. This year they decided to go completely unbelievable and create the Diet Cola and Mentos vertical landing rocket. Yeah, they went there. They also came up with a new game called baRPG which is pretty self explanatory and some other almost, *almost*, believable items. Thanks for getting my hopes up you guys.

Hopes? What about the announcement that there was going to be a Dark Souls movie? That sent masochists into fits until they found out it was false then they flogged themselves while dying repeatedly in the game.

How about Stan Lee messing with people’s brains by announcing that Warner Brothers and Disney/Marvel had tag teamed to bring us the most epic of epic superhero bouts,  Avengers vs Justice League?  Fan boys nowhere I think believed that one but it still stung a little since some of us remember the days way back when when DC and Marvel did do a team up with the Amalgam comics.  We wished for this and maybe a small part hoped but alas it was quickly dashed.

April Fool's

Mayhap the most audacious of all was the Republic of Gamers announcement of their phonsole. It’s a phone plus a pair of consoles plus a full fledged PC built into a powerful mobile phone.  The consoles?  Oh just a Xbox One and a PS4! The sheer power of such a device would be awesome but nobody would be worthy of it.  The Epic,  as it was dubbed,  was given obviously no release date nor price but came with a rather ridiculous set of specs. Ones that I’m not going to bother repeating as no one would believe me. Except maybe the 6.1″ screen. Phones are headed that way.

While this list is far, far from complete of all the pranks and gags pulled today, it shows you what some companies are willing to do on this day. It’s getting harder and harder to believe anything on the Internet as is but ole April 1st makes it that much more difficult.

What did I miss geeks? What were your favorites? Tell us in the comments so we can shake our heads along with you!

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