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April’s Games with Gold deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360

written by Liana "LiLi" R. March 25, 2016


Microsoft announced their April lineup for their Game with Gold Xbox Live members earlier today for Xbox One and Xbox 360 players.

With Microsoft’s recent announcement of releasing a patch that enables gamers to purchase 360 games on their Xbox One digitally in addition to their ongoing efforts towards backwards capability, Xbox One owners are treated to not two, but four free games during this month. One of March’s freebies, Lords of the Fallen, will be extended out and will be available at the current deal until April 15th.

April’s freebies for Xbox Live members include the Microsoft exclusive Sunset Overdrive and The Wolf Among Us for the Xbox One and for Xbox 360 users: Saints Row IV and Dead Space.

March isn’t over yet, though! If you haven’t scooped up your free games yet, it’s not too late.


What do you think about Microsoft’s Games with Gold program? Love it, hate it, wanting different titles? Sound off in the comments below.

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