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Arc Charger – Playstation 4 Controller Charger Sponsored Review

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg August 30, 2015

It drives me absolutely nutty while in the middle of playing a game that my controller goes dead. Yes I know I can find the cable and hook it into my PS4 and charge my controller whenever I want….but its so much work. There are a few docking stations out there for controllers that I have tried out and most of them are pretty reasonable. TNT interactive sent us out one of their Arc chargers to check out and here is what we think:



Size of the Arc charger is great. I like how they went vertical with the controllers instead of having them on opposing sides of it. Seems like it takes up less space like this. The Arc charger looks great sitting on your stand next to your PS4 as the black matches the console great. The Arc charger is very light almost to the point I wish there was a little more weight to it. The controllers slide on pretty easy so it can be done in the darkness of your nighttime playing spree.



You can charge up to four controllers at a time with the powered USB’s in the side of the device. When I had my two on it would take close to three hours to fully charge the two. So fast charging on this is awesome. For the price of $24.95 you can’t go wrong compared to some of the other charging docks out there. Check out TNT interactive’s Arc Charger over on Amazon and get yours now.

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