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Ariana Grande & John Legend Sing ‘Beauty and the Beast’

written by Robin Anderson February 7, 2017
Ariana Grande and John Legend Sing Beauty and the Beast

Ariana Grande and John Legend Sing Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast (2017) live-action remake is set to come to theaters March 17th. Ariana Grande and John Legend form an unexpected pair as they come together to sing the Disney classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This song will be featured in the movie’s soundtrack, along with a surprise addition from Celion Dion and Josh Groban!

Check out the full version below.

Say what you will about these performers, you still have to admit that their vocal skills are truly amazing. Ariana stepped her pitch down to a softer toneā€”one which complimented John’s warmer tone just beautifully.

There is no question that they did a wonderful job, one that did the original justice.

As you may have noticed, there are two versions of the song. The more classic version (played above), and the trailer version which features a stronger orchestra presence.

The sound was originally preformed in 1991 in the animated movie by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. It went on to win two Grammys, a Golden Globe, and Best Original Song. Click here to listen to the original version again!

Do you think that Ariana and John can top them? Or will Celine and Peabo always rein superior?

While you’re thinking about that, check out this side-by-side trailer of the new movie alongside the original!

It definitely appears as if they have stayed pretty true to the original, which is probably the safest move. Though just like the live-action Cinderella movie, it would be nice to see a bit of a new interpretation as long as it doesn’t stray too far from home.

How do you think the new movie, soundtrack and all, will compare to its predecessor? Will the older one always hold a special place in your heart due to its timelessness, or do you think you might have room for Emma Watson too? Let us know!

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