Home Gaming That Batman Arkham remaster is pretty much a given now.

That Batman Arkham remaster is pretty much a given now.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 9, 2016
Image from Arkham Knight

More leaks have popped up surrounding the rumored Batman: Arkham Collection remaster. Thanks to an Italian magazine, we may have the strongest confirmation yet.

It's Batman Arkham Collection

The Batman: Return to Arkham Collection looks to be releasing June 10th for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, it will include both Arkham Asylum and City. Also inside the package will be every piece of downloadable content, some of which were so much fun. Both games will have a graphics overhaul to resemble last year’s trilogy ending Knight. All games are from the excellent Rocksteady and scored high with both gamers and critics alike.

Now if they were really clever, they could also make a set that is the whole Rocksteady trilogy of Arkham games. Throw in the metric butt ton (official unit of measurement) of DLC that Knight had and we’re talking a shelf clearer. Even though I have Knight (collector’s edition) I would buy the trilogy just for all the DLC for the last game.

Where my Batman geeks at? What do you think about the remaster coming out? Is it a must buy or are the remasters getting a bit out of hand? I will wait patiently here for your thoughts.

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