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Arozzi Verona Pro Gaming Chair REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg June 4, 2016


These days being a geek and nerd normally means you spend more time in a chair than on two feet. If it’s due to the long nights of pwning the competition, or a heavy day coding at the office, making sure that we are comfortable through these times can be more important than you ever know. Arozzi knows this and it is obvious in the comfort of their Verona Pro gaming chair.

Arozzi is a Swedish company that has been in the chair making game since 2013. They take quite a bit of their design from the Motorsports world and you can see it in the lines and curves of the Verona Pro. Sitting in the chair for the first time you can’t help but feel like you are about the cross the finish line of a very important race.

Unboxing and Assembly


The Verona Pro showed up in one large box. Upon opening it I noticed that there were very few pieces and a simple one sheet flyer acts as the instruction manual and is enough to get the job done. Setup time from opening box to sitting in the chair totaled about 25 minutes and I would recommend having two people to do the job as it really helps to hold the top into the bottom, while someone screws them in. Setup was very easy and there isn’t anything I would like to see changed with shipping or setup.

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Comfort and Feel

As I slowly slid into the Verona Pro for the first time (you have to do this to make sure they are going to hold or that your building skills are +1) I felt the comfort of a very soft butt hug. Arozzi has done an amazing job in cushion and feel. Out of all of the chairs I have reviewed the Verona Pro had the softest feel and the most cushion in the seat. The curves of the back and the seat hug and hold you in place as you get down in the latest match online. The added neck and lumbar pillows also have this same super soft cushioning and feel amazing even after many hours in.


I also love that the Verona Pro has a rocking function. Most of the chairs that I have reviewed stay put once adjusted. Yes most of them lay all the way back so you can sleep if you like (yes I have). Arozzi has gone a little further and allowed the chair to have a rock to it which it so wonderful.

[blockquote]Out of all of the chairs I have reviewed the Verona Pro had the softest feel and the most cushion in the seat.[/blockquote]

When it comes to durability you might see a slight trade-off with the extra soft leather like material. Although spills wipe off easily I could see the leather material tearing after heavy use if you are not careful. No way around that though. If you want super soft and great feel you are going to lose a little in the durability area. I can see the chair holding up for many years with proper care.

The base and wheels are strong and hold my 250lbs with ease. No creaks or noise while sitting either which is nice when streaming. If anything I could say that I wish was a little improved would be the quality and tightness of the arms. I feel that they are just a little looser than I care for but not a deal-breaker by far.



The Verona Pro comes in at a $349.99 price tag as Arozzi’s top of the line gaming chair. This puts it right in the middle compared to some of their competition for the top of the line from the company. They do have other options in chairs that have a little lower price point as well. After my standard 40 hours in the chair of gaming I agree this price tag is completely worth it for the Verona Pro. Between the comfort and the quality this makes for one heck of a gaming chair.

Between the comfort and the quality this makes for one heck of a gaming chair

If you have not had the chance to try out a real gaming chair…treat yourself. You will never go back to sitting in that crappy thing you call a chair now. Check out all of Arozzi’s selection here and let then know DHTG sent you.

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