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‘Arrow’ Casts New Vigilantes For Season 5

written by Bookwyrm June 16, 2016
Arrow - Stephen Amell - Season 5 - New Vigilantes

When CW’s Arrow returns for season five, get ready for a little vigilante-on-vigilante action.

No, not that kind of action. Calm down, naughty fan-fic writers.

Josh Segarra - Arrow - Season 5

Josh Segarra, of Sirens and Chicago P.D. fame, has been cast as Adrian Chase, the new district attorney of Star City. If the character sticks to his comic book roots, he promises to be a new foil for Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen. Adrian Chase, introduced in 1983’s New Teen Titans Annual #2, was a New York district attorney who took on the mantle of the Vigilante after his family was killed by mobsters. Initially a hero who never killed, his morals grew looser and his methods more bloody as time went on.

Rick Gonzalez - Arrow - Season 5

Joining Segarra for Arrow season five is Mr. Robot alum Rick Gonzalez, who will play yet another Star City citizen who decides to take the law into his own hands. His character, Wild Dog, will have a brash and unpredictable nature that prompts Oliver to take him under his wing, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Though it may seem that Star City is getting a bit overcrowded with heroes, viewers will remember that (SPOILER ALERT – highlight to read) Team Arrow pretty much disbanded at the end of Season 4.

Along for the ride with Segarra and Gonzalez is returning cast member Echo Kellum, who is being promoted from recurring character to series regular. His Curtis Holt (and, hopefully, the future Mr. Terrific) was one of the highlights of season four, giving a new perspective and a little extra diversity to the show’s events.

After watching four seasons of Arrow, I have to ask: Does anyone in Star City own a freakin’ razor? It’s more like Stubble City over there.

Man, that joke was bad. But not quite as bad as the last season of Arrow. Anyone else out there watch it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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