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‘Arrow’ Season 6 Slowly Regains an Edge

written by Gary Hoy April 17, 2018
Oliver Queen as Green Arrow

Ricardo Diaz Finally Brings Oliver Clarity

Spoilers for Arrow Season Six. Advance at your own risk.

Arrow Season 6 has had a very rocky start. Furthermore, as each episode aired, it seemed as though it was never going to find its true place as a great series once again. The tone was just so off with the dynamic between Team Arrow and Oliver’s relationship with Felicity while introducing William to the plot. It was clear what the CW was trying to do, yet fans and critics weren’t buying it.

Oliver never seemed like the character we once connected to while trying to balance a marriage, son, and the office of Star City. It all seemed to continue spiraling when he continued working with the new team. The dynamic of the lone warrior who had a mission to save his city by any means necessary just seemed to disappear.

A New Threat – The Cabal

The Cabal in Arrow

Source: CW TV

The season started the constant taunting and planning of your typical stereotype computer hacker; a nerd with glasses who had a vendetta and wanted to destroy the city that Oliver swore to protect. This dynamic was fun and it was nice seeing a person who was 10 steps ahead of not just Oliver, but Felicity and the whole team as well. The problem is that it never seemed as though Cayden James was a real threat, and that technology was the actual enemy here.

Every step taken to stop this man was foiled by him having a back-up that involved a premade hack or some kind of technological loophole. He amassed an army of known criminals including the Bratva, Sheck, Vigilante, Black Siren, and Ricardo Diaz. Little did Oliver know this last person was the real threat he had to watch out for.

Cayden used his technological skills to ruin Star City. He hurt the citizens by doing damage to them and killing plenty of people. In the end, he met his demise at the hand of his own subordinate, Ricardo. The man with a dragon tattoo? I know it sounds odd.

Buying Star City and Breaking Team Arrow

In recent weeks, it has come to Ricardo buying every public official he possibly can. He has people from the Star City P.D. to the City Council on his payroll now. He has used all of these resources to break down Oliver and slowly drive him away from others.

Leading to the death of Vigilante, among others, his team cares about only alienating them further.  This has lead to the split of Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, and Wild Dog from the team to form “The Outsiders”. There was hope for another Team Arrow when Roy reappeared in Star City.

This didn’t last long and lead to Thea leaving the group as well. Eventually, the final straw was John Diggle (Spartan) leaving the group after a very heated argument and a really good fight between the two. What else could possibly go wrong for Green Arrow at this point?

Oliver’s Breakdown and Return of the Arrow

One handshake seals his fate. Oliver was drugged with Vertigo by a member of the City Council and this lead to him taking a much deeper look at himself. Did the Green Arrow ever need to exist? Was Team Arrow actually necessary? Did he let go of his mission just to become a better man?

Oliver’s self-reflection was in the form of Adrian Chase (Prometheus) from Season 5. The man made him look at himself during this mental drug-induced breakdown, even making him question his relationship with others. The dark tones this recent episode took almost felt like what the fans and critics have been saying recently. Did Oli actually lose sight of his mission and become far too good to wield the hood?

He spread himself far too thin and upon impending impeachment decided to dawn the old garb. He attacked the police station full of corrupt cops on a suicide mission to finally put an end to Ricardo Diaz. He regained his former edge with savage beatdowns and precision shots, making his way through each room until reaching the final door. This almost felt like a boss fight. As he reached the door, he was talked down by Felicity, but he still held true to the realization that it was time to go back to basics.

Profile of Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow

Source: CW TV

What Will the Future Hold for The Arrow?

With this new revelation, we are left to understand that Oliver has decided to leave the idea of a team behind. He has decided to go back to basics and remain the sole protector of Star City. He can resume his mission. The feeling I have is that Ricardo may have created a plan that will ultimately backfire.

The Arrow was far more focused,  driven, and ready to achieve his goal no matter the cost. When Oliver had his focus, he was not so much a force for good rather than a vigilante, who got the results he wanted with kill shots.

He risked the lives of his closest friends to bring down the League of Assassins leader Ra’s al Ghul. He tackled Slade Wilson (A.K.A. Deathstroke) without remorse after losing his mother and almost losing his sister during the final battle, were it not for Merlin. After losing Laurel, he blatantly murdered Damian Darhk, even as a “good man”.

Is this really the man that Ricardo Diaz was trying to bring out in the process of forcing him to alienate all those around him and forcing him into pure solitude? Do you think Oliver is better off without a team and ready for such a challenge, or will Ricardo Diaz destroy the man under the hood, leading to a new Green Arrow? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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