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Attack on Titan Editor Arrested for Murder of Wife

written by Robin Anderson January 11, 2017
Attack on Titan Season 2

Earlier today, former Attack on Titan editor, Park Jung-Hyun, was arrested for allegedly murdering his wife this past August.

While the suspect has denied the charge, there is no doubt that the inconsistencies in his story make him the most obvious candidate for the murder of 38 year-old Kanako Park. You may decide for yourself.

Picture of Park and wifeThe Facts

Around 2:45 AM on August 9th, Jung-Hyun called an ambulance to their home in Bunkyo Ward; saying that he found his wife collapsed.

The police arrived at the scene, finding her body lying face-up at the base of a staircase. Here, she was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, then confirmed dead an hour later at a nearby hospital.

According to the autopsy, Kanako had no wounds on her body aside from abrasions on her head. It was concluded that she appeared to have been strangled.

Initially, Jung-Hyun had said that his wife had simply fallen down the stairs. However after the autopsy report came out, he explained that she, “committed suicide by hanging herself by a handrail.”

An investigation was launched after the police determined;

1. She had no apparent reason to kill herself.

2. There were contradictions between the four children’s stories (who were in the house at the time).

3. There was no sign of a break-in.

Park was the editor of Attack on Titan when it was first released in 2009. In June of last year, he moved and took an editing position for the manga, Weekly Morning. With the whole being arrested for murder business, I doubt this is a job he still retains.

What do you think? Is it without a doubt obvious that Park murdered his wife, while in the house with their four children? Do you think there is enough evidence to send him to jail and keep him there? Share your opinion in the comments!

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