Friday , 20 January 2017

Robin Anderson

I am a long-time MMORPG player, comic reader, t.v. series binge watcher, and amateur Photoshoping-my-friends-onto-the-backs-of-dinosaurs-er. I enjoy holding hands, long walks on the beach, and pulling an entire dungeon so I can slaughter them in front of newbies so my power will never be questioned.

Attack on Titan Editor Arrested for Murder of Wife

Attack on Titan Season 2

Earlier today, former Attack on Titan editor, Park Jung-Hyun, was arrested for allegedly murdering his wife this past August. While the suspect has denied the charge, there is no doubt that the inconsistencies in his story make him the most obvious candidate for the murder of 38 year-old Kanako Park. You may decide for yourself. The Facts Around 2:45 AM on …

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Beauty and the Beast New Scenes and Dress Close-Up

Belles Dress Animated and Live-Action

Over the past few days, Beauty and the Beast has released a few TV Spots—two of which contain heart-warming new scenes! Secondly, gather all fans and cosplayers, because behold the beautiful close-ups of Emma Watson‘s dress and the Beast’s suit! You Can Talk The first, entitled “You Can Talk” shows absolutely charming scenes. The first new one being one where …

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Fifty Shades Darker Gets Extended Trailer with Taylor Swift and ZAYN

Fifty Shades Darker

After Fifty Shades of Grey was a major success, making about $550 million from a $40 million budget, there was no doubt that the second movie would be along shortly. Almost exactly one year after the release of the first movie, we can now expect Fifty Shades Darker to be in theaters February 10th. Because what better way to celebrate …

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Ryan Reynolds Talks About Deadpool’s Pansexuality

Deadpool and Unicorn

It is not a hidden secret that everyone has a chance to make Deadpool’s ‘red condom’ suit just a little tighter. In the comics, Deadpool has enjoyed the company of men, women, and anything in-between; but how much of that pansexuality will they transfer to the cinematic universe, and would Ryan Reynolds even be comfortable with it? While we do …

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First Look at Emma Watson’s Singing in Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast dance scene from new trailer

Ever since the release of the trailer just a few months ago we have been captivated by the pure beauty of it’s animation. All of our favorite characters come to life with such remarkable ease and grace that is rarely seen in imaginations, let alone movies. However, the style is not enough to make us fall head-over-heels for this movie. As discovered …

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No 2016, You Can’t Have Carrie Fisher’s Mom (Possible Stroke)

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

–More information will be added as it comes out– One of the last stars from the Golden age of Hollywood, Debbie Reynolds (age 84) was rushed to the hospital from her son’s house due to a potential stroke just a few hours ago. At approximately 1:00 PM, a call was made requesting medical assistance. TMZ has the audio from the …

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Harry Potter Illustration Donated to Help Orlando Victims

Jim Lees illustration for Love is Love

It is not hard to forget the horrific hate crime that took place on June 12th of 2016. The Orlando nightclub shooting took the lives of 49 people, with 53 more injured. From this atrocious act sparked the ‘Love is Love’ comic by DC and IDW: The comic industry comes together in honor of those killed in Orlando. Co-published by …

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Fairy Tale in Flight: New Inflight Dating App

home page of airdates

The sound of heels clicking rapidly. Parents frantically trying to calm children. The faint intercom calls echoing throughout the airport. Little did you know; among all this organized chaos is the love of your life. Instead of letting your love sit two seats behind you obliviously, live out your romantic fairy tale in the modern age! Just imagine it; your …

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April Brings Attack on Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan Season 2

Get ready for some bad-ass naked giants, cause Attack on Titan is finally making a comeback! They sure know how to keep a girl on the hook; it’s been two years since they announced season 2 was in the makings, and three years since the suspenseful finale of season 1. Despite this, fans everywhere are still fist pumping the air …

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Sherlock Season Four Air Date Confirmation!

sherlock season 4 trailer screenshot

BBC finally relinquished us from our curiosity and gave us the rest of the details for Sherlock season four! We have known that the very first episode would air on January 1st of 2017; but now let it be known that you should tune in your TV to 9PM ET time. See below for the entire schedule via BBC. In …

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