Saturday , 21 January 2017

Alex Lopez

Lover of comics, movies, video games, etc. I also love short walks on the beach because long walks hurt.

Amazon launches new streaming anime service Anime Strike

To all of you anime geeks out there, you know have a new way to watch some of your favorites. On Thursday, Amazon launched their new anime streaming service, Anime Strike, to its Prime members. The service launched with over 1,000 titles and Amazon promises to update every week. While Anime Strike is a part of Amazon’s Prime service, there …

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Japan has a new way to keep your smartphone clean

There was a time when people would take a newspaper or magazine with them to the bathroom. These days, people have replaced the magazines with their smartphones. Because of this, our smartphones have now become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. Well, leave it to Japan to come up with a way to combat this, smartphone toilet paper. …

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Modders find way to hack NES Mini because why not

Well, who didn’t see this one coming? Only a couple of short months ago, the NES Mini released and immediately flew off the shelves. Stores had a hard time keeping them in stock and online prices were outrageous! People everywhere couldn’t wait to dive into childhood all over again. With all of the popularity, there is one slight problem. The …

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CHOETECH Multi-Port USB Charger Review

I am horrible about charging my electronics. With the exception of my phone, most everything else ends up dying on me when I really need it. The biggest reason for this? Not enough wall adapters for my USB cables. So many of my electronics come with a charging cable but no adapter. I end up having to use my phone …

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Thank you Carrie Fisher: A reflection of Life through Death

Well geeks, 2016 is almost at an end. It has been a rough one for sure. Many would argue that this has been one of the worst years in recent memory, especially for geeks. So many greats have passed this year, including the recent passing of beloved actress Carrie Fisher. Her death has affected many of us here at Don’t …

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Super Mario Run DHTG Review

Super Mario Run is finally here. The mobile game, announced in September, has finally launched on iOS and it’s exactly what we thought it would be. The auto-running mobile game is free to download, giving players a taste of the game. After that, the game has as set price point of $9.99. That price gives access to all of the …

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Teen surprised by Best Buy employees with early Christmas gift

Who is ready for a feel good Christmas story? This isn’t a story of a kid getting a Red Rider BB gun, but a Wii U is just as cool. A group of Best Buy employees in Valley Stream, New York decided to surprise one of their customers with a brand new Wii U gaming system. The teen customer would …

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Looking for the NES Classic? Try winning the lotto

The new NES Classic is the hardest item to find this year. Since its release, it has flown off of shelves and is leaving people to pay hundreds of dollars to get one. Stores are helpless in their efforts to keep them in stock. Even Amazon can’t keep them in stock. ThinkGeek believes they have the answer.   In an …

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Spider-Man Swings Into Action in Two New Trailers

Spiderman: Homecoming logo

It’s here, geeks!! The new Spider Man Homecoming trailer has dropped and it is AMAZING!!! Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! we got our first full look at the wall crawler in action. Earlier this week, we got a teaser trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man film. We now have the full trailer for you guys in all of its web …

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Assassin’s Creed III free on PC in December

Ubisoft is at the end of their 30 year celebration in which they have been giving away games for free. For their final offering, they are giving away Assassin’s Creed III for free on PC. Over the past seven months, Ubisoft has been giving away games during their 30th anniversary event. All you need is a Ubisoft Club membership and …

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