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Avengers: Infinity War Actor Tweets “Are You Listening GOP?”

written by Quinzel Lee March 15, 2018
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As of right now, it’s been roughly a month after the Parkland, Florida school shooting where 17 people tragically lost their lives. The community of Parkland, Florida, as well as the rest of the nation, has grieved and voiced their opinion on either side of the gun control debate. One Avengers: Infinity War actor has joined in on the debate and is not keeping silent.

On March 14, local students organized a protest to show solidarity with their fallen classmates as well as standing for stricter gun laws. It got so much attention that students from all over the nation showed their solidarity and joined in the protest as well. The hashtag #NationalWalkOutDay skyrocketed and even got the attention of celebrities. Actor Chris Evans, who stars as Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War, took to the Twitter-verse to praise the students that participated in the walkout

Chris Evans is not shy about voicing his opinion. He has taken to Twitter in the past to make his stance on political issues known. When asked if he thought his opinions would affect Captain America ticket sales, he was quoted in USA Today as saying:

“Look, I’m in a business where you’ve got to sell tickets…But, my God, I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror if I felt strongly about something and didn’t speak up. I think it’s about how you speak up. We’re allowed to disagree. If I state my case and people don’t want to go see my movies as a result, I’m okay with that.”

It’s great to know that Chris Evans carries on the spirit of Captain America by always standing up for what he believes in. See more of him in Avengers: Infinity War, set to hit theaters on April 27.

Avengers: Infinity War actor Chris Evans on the red carpetWhat do you think about Chris Evans’ statement? Do you agree with the Avengers: Infinity War actor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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