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As we awaken….

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg June 14, 2014


Many of you have been here before…some of you are new to our world. Welcome to where the geeks and geekettes run and play as we wish. We will be making many changes to our site as we reach over 9000 and fully awaken. So what is DHTG all about?

We will be bringing you news, personal feelings, gadgets, games, reviews and pretty much anything we think fits the geeky bill. This isn’t your mamma’s tech site so be ready as we have turned off our filters and are going to have some fun this time around. We will be looking for some people to join us in this geeky adventure and have some fun in the near future as well.

Relax and know this is not the finished product for the site by far but we figured why not go ahead and get to writing while we play. So join us, be active on the page with comments, questions, and pretty much anything you feel like. What do you want to see or read?

Things are going to get crazy, let’s have some fun!

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